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YO-ME yoga and meditation retreat GOZO

Yo – Me retreat is intensive, transfortmative 5 days of yoga and meditation retreat.

Come and join us for our intense and highly transformative 5-day retreat of yoga and meditation. It is not only suitable for advanced students but also for beginners without yoga background so far. We welcome participants regardless of age, skin color or religious background.

Yoga and meditation are spiritual methods that can be conducted by everyone and everywhere. Join our group of likeminded people and delve into the vast knowledge of this ancient treasure. These five days are capable of changing your life completely and give it a genuine spiritual spin. Friendships in such a pure and intense group atmosphere are often made for a lifetime.

Join ur group of people with same interest.

Let your skills to grow.

You will enjoy 5 days full of knowledge and practice, fun and new friendship for the rest of your life.


What you may expect from the course:

  • teachings of secret ancient knowledge

  • improvement and progess in many aspects of your life like: health, relatioships, sleep, intimite life, work, mind, focus and more

  • rejuvenating aspects

  • purification effects of your body, emotions and mind

  • deep relaxation

  • enhanced flexibility

  • basic knowledge about Ayurvéda

  • basic knowledge about Marma chiktisá

  • transformation in all aspects of your being

  • inner peace and harmony

  • enhanced life experience overall

  • refined memory

You have never meditate or did yoga?
Never mind, we will teach you step by step.

You have already experience with yoga and meditation?

That is great, you can accelerate your sprirituality and learn something new and meet new people with same interest and different experiences. You are very welcome.

Within 5 intensive days you will experience your transformation. We will do lot of practice and share lot of knowledge with you.

What is meditation?

According to Patanjali, meditation is the controlled expansion of the mind. Does it sound scary? Do not worry, you will have lot of time to try and experinece how to meditate. There will be teachers for you, who you can approach and ask whatever you will need to.

The meditation you will learn in our retreat is drawing from 2 systems:

  • yogic systém

  • tantric systém


What is yoga?

Unfortunatelly the concept of yoga is a very misunderstood topic in modern times. Most people in the west consider it a form of stretchy workout option to reach effects on the physical body like increased flexibility or relief from modern pains.

This understanding and attitude does not come up to the true meaning and potential of this great metaphysical science. Even according to our modern definition yoga is a science and empirical study of our self, using the physical body as a laboratory. By using different techniques as your „experiment“ and conducting them in a spicified way you will sooner or later reach given energetic results.


Anyway, this fact is often looked down upon or even neglected as per our modern understanding science needs to be proven by studies or measured by a meter. It comes up to our understanding and interest in using science as a form of increasing knowledge in a wordly scale, detecting new processes and technologies, experimenting with materials or behaviors. It refuses to accept the existence of a higher conscious unless proven to exist ... by a meter.

The yogic „scientists“ contemplated about different questions like „Who am I“, „Where do I go to?“ or „What is the meaning of my life?“ and they found fundamental answers to every single one of them. They reached to a state of expertise and knowledge of their subtle energetic structure that allowed them to control it fully and resonate on will with every kind of universal energy.

Authentic yoga works on 4 levels and provides a complete and comprehensive set of techniques for any kind of personality and individual energetic setup. Their effects reach from your body, health and hygiene (physical level) to improving your lifestyle in general (mostly emotional level) and paranormal powers and your spiritual evolution.


Rules of conduct of this course:

To ensure the maximum spiritual effect and purification during our retreat we ask you to commit to the following rules and guidelines. There will be
no use of drugs or any illegal substances

no use of drugs or any illegal substances

  • no smoking allowed

  • only vegetarian and vegan food options

  • no consume of alcohol

  • no consume of coffee

The YO ME Retreat is designed to give you the best experience possible. This includes our effort to keep your body and mind as pure, clean and free from toxins as possible.

For this reason we follow certain recommended guidelines that allow us to enter into a deep yogic experience. All of the above mentioned substances are known to hold you back and prevent you from experiencing your true spiritual potential. During the course we will receive teachings that explain the effects of coffein, drugs and alcohol on body and mind and why they are disadvanteous for your energetical setup and spiritual practice.

Of course the further consumption of these substances is up to your personal choice after the end of the course. Anyhow, we recommend to avoid their use for the future for the sake of a healthier lifestile and improved spiritual growth.

You will learn and practice:

  • Hatha yoga in daily classes

  • surya namaskar

  • meditation techniques derived from the tantra yoga and raja yoga tradition

  • teachings about the yoga tradition and the energetic basics of tantra

  • Marma massage of the head

  • purification ritual

  • mauna

What is mauna?

Mauna is vow of silence. That means absolute absence of communication. Mauna encompasses both verbal and nonverbal communication. You cannot do it? Trust us, you can and you will enjoy it. Your mind will enjoy it. Three days of silence. Did you know that by talking we also use our energy? Can you imagine how much energy do we spend by using our phones, Facebook, emails, etc.? Have you ever wished to just through your phone and enjoy silence? Now you have chance, possibility for 3 days of peace, silence, yoga, meditation, marma chiktisá nad transformation.

That is not all, there is more to expect!

Feeling their transformation starting many or our students want to go even deeper in their spiritual evolution and experience the energetic aspect of Tantra in more detail and depth. If so, join our subsequent Art of Tantra Massage Retreat for a discounted rate if booked as a combo.

The Art of Tantra Massage Course is the perfect opportunity to experience the most incredible power and transformational force that our body contains according to Tantra. Awakened and harmonically cultivated our sexual energy is the nuklear power plant that is able to push you to the hightest bliss and levels of consciousness possible. The sky is the limit ... literally!

This course will provide you will all the backgrounds and skills to deeply practice this fascinating technique and to control and guide it throughout your whole body. It has proven to have strong purification effects on every level in hundreds of cases. Explore more about yourself, your potential, and sexuality in a very deep and worshipping way.