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Meditation course Malta

Meditation techniques are practiced for millenina. Nowadays directors of huge companies, officers, hosekeepers, teachers…. are meditating. They realized how benefitial this ancient technique is.

By authentic meditation you will :train your concentration,

train your mind,

achieve relaxation and clear vision.

understnad why to meditate and how to meditate,

understand what is energy and how it works

You can choose from several powrful techniques for your daily practice, even 15 min a day is very benefitial.

Meditaiton techniques, what you will learn, are based on Raja yoga and Tantra yoga. Teaching comes from authentic sorces - lineage.

start 9.2.2019 at 10:00 end 10.2 at 15:30,

price 200 euro

Country: Malta


“Meditation with Tereza was absolutely amazing. She tought me more types of meditations. All of them helped me in my difficult situation. And they are still helping me. It was strong experience. I have never done it before. Since our sessions with meditations I almost every day find short time for this ritual to start my day in better way. Now I have in plan to teach it also my kids. “ Jana,