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Hatha yoga Malta 2 or 4 days

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Discover the authentic Yoga, Hatha Yoga The Ancient Art Of Getting

Strength, Flexibility and Mental Peace.

Gain comprehensive knowledge of asanas, meditation and Yogic philosophy

Cultivate energetic clarity, personal refinement, and a balanced approach to living.



Why shall you consider learning yoga ?

If you are seeking real change in your life, the ancient yoga teachings of India and Tibet are an authentic option. With practice and time you will experience positive effects on your entire being that are real and permanent. This course will provide you with tools to understand implement energy based yoga into your life and practice traditional asanas as described in historic yogic texts


Our Hatha yoga course will combine practice and theory. We will go beyond classic teaching of asanas. You will explore the true potential of each asana. We will guide you through activating energy within your body.

You will gain a deeper understading of yourself, strengthen your body, your self-confidence, you will have new healthy habits and find emotional balance and harmony.

Course is designed for everyone who is interested, regardless of age, ability, previous experiences.



What is Hatha Yoga?

Hatha Yoga is a Secret Ancient Art first discovered by

MAHARISHI PATANJALI in 400 AD and used by people of

India and Tibet, who wants to live for 100 Years with

Healthy Body and Mind.

Hatha means “FORCE” in Sanskrit and Hatha Yoga is a

system of physical postures (Asana) and breathing

control, performed in an order to achieve Union between

Body and Mind.

What Benefits You Should Expect From

Hatha Yoga?

  • Healthy Heart: Hatha Yoga improves blood

circulation in overall body, which leads to better

heart functioning. Up to 87% people who do Hatha

Yoga on daily basis do not suffer from Heart Attack

or any other Heart Problem in their Entire life.

  • Build Muscle Mass: Unique Asana in Hatha Yoga

train your Muscles and gives you Inner Core Strength

and you become Stronger than before. So, you can

complete your work before deadlines, look more

Muscular and Feel the Energy Pumping through your


  • Look Beautiful: Hatha Yoga Deeply

Purifies your body from inside out and Postures

helps you to Kick out Harmful Toxins from your

body. This gives you Beautiful, Lustrous and

Attractive Skin.

-Increases Skin Glow & Fairness

-Look Your Best

  • Stress Reliever: A natural way to Ward Off your

Stress is being on yoga mat and performing Hatha

Yoga. Every Hatha Yoga Asana will direct your Mind

towards Mental Peace. You can Enjoy your life while

others are taking Stress reliever supplements.

  • Lubricates The Joints: You’ll be able to Play your

Favorite Sports, Workout and go for a walk for

(almost) entire day at any Age without feeling pain in

your joints.

  • Enhance Immunity: It becomes almost impossible

to Fall Ill if you are performing Hatha Yoga even for

30 minutes a day. You’ll be able to move around and

have Fun in your life without Suffering from fever or


  • Boost Mental Ability: Get better Focus and

Mental Clarity which makes you to Achieve your

Career and financial goals in shorter period of time.

It also helps you to take right decisions in life.

  • Discover Yourself: You’ll find answers of most

difficult questions of life such as “What Is My

Passion?”, “What Should I Do Now?”, “Why I Am Not

Happy in With My Life?” etc.

Actually, you’ll find solutions for all your problems

inside You and This Hatha Yoga Course Works like a

Magnifying Glass to find them.

More benefits:

  • Improve your physical and emotional health

  • Gain more energy and vitality

  • Enhance mental clarity and focus

  • Increase willpower and self-confidence

  • Develop a new awareness of your patterns and habits

  • Learn the ability to perceive and direct energy

  • Inspiration and methods to achieve your goals and transform your life

“Our Hatha Yoga course is designed for

everyone, young or old, flexible or stiff, athletic or desk

bound, male or female. You don not have to be skinny, or

flexible, or strong, you just have to be you!”

“Forget those Complicated, Intense and

exhausting yoga moves done by some double-jointed

superhuman who deny Gravity & laws of physics with his

body and leap tall buildings in single bound!”

Why You Should Learn From Us?

Real Time Instructors

You’ll be able to ask questions, get personal attention

from experienced Yoga teachers and get a risk free


No More Hard Core Academic Content

NOW you do not have to be a medical student or a

terminology expert for learning yoga.

This yoga course is designed for almost everyone above

18 years who wants to live a healthy life. In fact, In this

course you are going to become an expert in Hatha Yoga.

Experienced Professional Trainers

Our team of highly experienced Yoga trainers helps you

to attain each & every difficult posture step-by-step very

easily and tech you the 100% accurate science behind


-No more injuries

-No more Bro Science

Designed For Everyone

This Hatha Yoga Course offers a whole range of Yoga for

complete beginners up to advanced and instructor level

yogis. You can get Personalized training after analyzing

your flexibility, strength, age, height, weight and past


Go Beyond Postures

We focus on Mastery of both Body and Mind. This

Hatha Yoga Course takes you beyond from old school

training of postures by combining theory and meditation

with asana. So, you can achieve flexibility, body

relaxation and mental concentration at same time.

We Support Every Religion


“All Human Beings Are Equal”

This course is designed in a way that it Suits every

religion. So, everyone gets an equal chance to discover

their hidden potential with the help of Authentic Yoga.

Bring your partner with you, there is nothing as beautiful as to practice together.

DATES: 2.3 -3.3, 4.3- 5.3
Course will start every day at 9:00 and finish around 17:00 (included lunch break)



deposit 150 euro till 25.2 (none refundable, in case of cancelling from our side 100% refundable)

Weekend course 4 days course

single 220 euro 400 euro

couple 400 euro 350 euro