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The Art of Tantra massage Malta (also evening study available)


The Art of Tantra massage will teach you sacread secreat of Tantra sexual energy, that is the most powerful enetgy. Enjoy 5 days full of authentic tantric knowledge and informations about Indian ant Tibetan spirituality and intense spiritual body work. During those days you will get a step by step introduction into the basics of energetic tantra massage

For five whole days we'll be running an authentic and true Tantra experience in Malta. The Art of Tantra massage course is suitable for:

  • any level of massage practitioner – from newcomer to veteran

  • is open to people from all walks of life.

Many people hear of Tantra massage and assume that it is simply all about sexuality and love-making. In fact, sexuality content only 5 -10% of whole Tantra teaching.

What you will learn:

-        What is Tantra and authentic tantra massage

-        How to do authentic tantra massage

-        About yourself and your subject fully.

- About your energy and how to move with energy

-        Abut energetical blockages

-        Yoni and lingam massage

-        Healing power of tantra massage

- How to utilise energy within yourself and your subject

-        And many more…

- Some of this is sexual energy, and involves better understanding the human body, so as to become a more complete version of yourself.

What Tantra massage can give you:

- Improving your life overall ( to know yourself, feel better, …)

- Improve your relationships

- Improving your sexual life ( longer lovemaking, impress your partner, to be perfect lover…)

- Prevent of diseases (prostate cancer, impotence, gray hair, premature ejaculation…)

- Healing,

- Feelings, for example: happiness, joy, love, peace….

- And many more

The benefits of Tantra are many, and too complex to list in a single post alone. We can, however, show some of the ways in which you could benefit from attending our Art of Tantra massage course in Malta.

First of all – under the learned hands of Tereza and her esteemed colleagues – you will discover how easily you can alleviate stress and energy blockages throughout your body.

You'll learn how Tantra massage can prevent prostate cancer, impotence, premature ejaculation, grey hair, and more.

You'll explore the secrets of improving your entire life through the ancient teachings of Tantra.



Before you register for our course, however, it's important for us to explore what Tantra massage is, and explain why it's so important in improving your life. Once upon a time the teachings of Tantra where kept secret, and passed down only to select students. Now you have amazing possibility to learn it!

Nowadays, however, with the advent of the Internet and the global acceptance of spirituality and these types of teachings, The real Tantra massage is a much more mainstream art, science.

You can also look forward to some surprise.

Lot of people thinks, that tantra massage is erotic or sexual service. This is absolutely NOT TRUE. During this course you will understand.


During Tantra massage is creating something incredible. Something new and exiting. Something, what you have never felt before. You are feeling love, happiness. You and your partner, you both are one. Tantra massage will bring you to the level of extasy. Your life is changed, you are changed. Your surrounding is changed and you are experincing the life, what you always wanted to live.

The amazing Art of Tantra course will take place between the 26th of June and the 30th of June in Malta. For five whole days you'll be able to learn all about Tantra massage and the benefits that come with it, as well as secondary teachings about yoga and meditation.

Next certificate can be yours. Come to learn authentic proffesional tantra massage and discover the secreat.

Next certificate can be yours.
Come to learn authentic proffesional tantra massage and discover the secreat.

These 5 days we came close all of us and we were sharing experiences of our lives which actually made us feel one each other familiar like from years ago 😊
You learnt me very well the techniques of the massage furthermore you learnt me the right way to do the massage because as I understood the techniques must be applied by the right attitude and the right energies.
You tought me also very good tecniques for maditation and yoga that was one of the ways to realise and feel my self better.
I would like to thank you from heart for your willing to help us and to give us your knowledge on the topic by the best way!!

E.Pal, Malta

26. 6. 2019

9:00 introduction

9:30 morning yoga

11:00 lesson

13:15 lunch break

14:30 lesson

17:00 finish

27. 6 - 29. 6

9:00 morning yoga

10:30 lesson

13:00 lunch break

15:00 lesson

17:00 finish

30. 6. 2019

9:00 - 14:00 concluding of the course

Evening course:

26. 6 - 29. 6
18:00 - 21:00


To register for The Art of Tantra simply get in touch via: – we can't wait for you to begin your journey with us.

 PRICE: 450 euro


Country: Malta,


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