Tantra Massage Therapy

Most of the people think that tantra massage is erotic service, massage. It is because of lot of erotic salones who sell tantra massage as a erotic. This with tantra has nothing to do. Tantra is komplex system and massage is only small part of it.

During Tantra massage is creating something incredible. Something new and exiting. Something, what you have never felt before. There is new relationship with you and your therapist. You know each other, your energetic body are melting mutually. You are feeling love, happiness. You are feeling, you both are one. Therapist knows what to do, how to work to bring you to the level of extasy. Your life is chaned, you are changed. Your surrounding is chaned and you are experincing the life, what you always wanted to live.

I work with your life energy (sexual). The goal of massage is work with energy, relaxacion, healing. The therapist is working with you and unblock your psychological and physical blockques. Is good to inform in advance about your massues or therapist, and to know if she really works with tantric tradition and if she also does any tantric practise.

What Tantra massage can give you:

- Improving your life overall ( to know yourself, feel better, …)
- Improving your sexual life ( longer lovemaking, impress your partner, to be perfect lover…)
- Prevent of diseases (prostate cancer, impotence, gray hair, premature ejaculation…)
- And many more
I do massage also for women and couples ( need to be order in advance)

I do not provide massage for active smokers, but I am open to give massage to someone who is in the procces of stop smoking. I do not provide any sexual, erotic services. Please do not ask, we will nor react on this messages.

For more info evolution.tym@gmail.com, +356 999 87 029, +420 774 962 562

"I am very pleased to recommend Tereza's Tantra Massage to anyone. It was a great experience and helped me further connect to my sexual and spiritual self. Tereza is extremely nice and knowledgeable, she also makes sure I was comfortable at all times. " M.Lopes (Malta)

" I have to express, that Tereza is one of the best Tantric Masseuse Therapist in Europe. Very well skilled, talented, beautiful and doing her task with complete devotion. Being a Tantra Massage Therapist myself, I got many-many Tantra Massages from Therapist all over the World, and still I have to say, Tereza is far the best.
Nowadays, when I heard she is not coming for a long time to Budapest and I heard she is on Malta, I just decided to go there for a Tantra Massage and to look around in Malta, what I never visited before. And yes, I travelled there, and I have to admit, that it really worth the travel.
It was magical: Malta and Tereza, both.
Zoltán (Budapest, Hungary)”