"There are no words to describe such amazing experience. The information that you can find in internet about Tantra Massage might be misleading and I was not sure about what to expect but your work exceeded any expectations. Today's session took me to a level of peace, love and sensations that I didn't know that was possible to reach . Always with professionalism, respect and love you gave me an unforgettable experience which I definitely recommend to anyone to try. Thanks you very much Tereza!" M. Spain

" The word "thank you" i feel is not enough to express my gratitude for the fantastic session i received from you.

As discussed being a massage therapist myself for the past 15 years and been receiving massages since the age of 13 years i was always on the lookout to experience and learn new treatments especially from the eastern cultures. When i crossed the information on Tantra, it was always one of those ancient therapist surrounded with misleading information that i wanted to look at.


Searching through trusted books and nowadays the internet, the information is more not clear and can mislead that individual looking for the true Tantra experience. BUT FINALLY professionalism has landed on this beautiful island because you are a very professional in what you do and the feel that you enjoy and LOVE what you do can be felt instantly when you talk and inform the person on the subject.

Who is looking for any sexual content, or he thinks that its only a physical thing surrounded with nudity, sexual content...its a NO place to go to BUT if you are looking for a proper FULL Body experience, where your physical, mental and emotional state will be treated, this is the place to go to! I encourage everyone, male or female to open his mind, remove any cultural and religious taboos surrounding the subject of sexuality and experience the authentic Tantra therapy."

“These 5 days we came close all of us and we were sharing experiences of our lives which actually made us feel one each other familiar like from years ago 😊
You tought me very well the techniques of the massage furthermore you learnt me the right way to do the massage because as I understood the techniques must be applied by the right attitude and the right energies.
You tought me also very good tecniques for maditation and yoga that was one of the ways to realise and feel my self better.
I would like to thank you from heart for your willing to help us and to give us your knowledge on the topic by the best way!!

E.Pal, Malta”

"I have to express, that Tereza is one of the best Tantric Masseuse Therapist in Europe. Very well skilled, talented, beautiful and doing her task with complete devotion. Being a Tantra Massage Therapist myself, I got many-many Tantra Massages from Therapist all over the World, and still I have to say, Tereza is far the best.
Nowadays, when I heard she is not coming for a long time to Budapest and I heard she is on Malta, I just decided to go there for a Tantra Massage and to look around in Malta, what I never visited before. And yes, I travelled there, and I have to admit, that it really worth the travel.
It was magical: Malta and Tereza, both.
Zoltán (Budapest, Hungary)"

já a eli.jpg

"I knew there was more possible in terms of freedom and pleasure. But the level i experienced with Tereza still blew my mind. And as they say this is only the beginning i can't wait to explore this path further..." - Steven, Malta

"I am very pleased to recommend Tereza's Tantra Massage to anyone. It was a great experience and helped me further connect to my sexual and spiritual self. Tereza is extremely nice and knowledgeable, she also makes sure I was comfortable at all times. " M.Lopes (Malta)

“Met Tereza tonight, was welcomed by a very nice girl with a sexy smile ;-) 
Got something to drink and some grapes to chew on, and she told me a little about how the meeting would be. 
She speaks very good english and has a sexy and seductive voice and she has the most sexy daddy eyes I have seen for a long time ;-) Her massage is top notch, she made me feel relaxed in a wonderful way. No doubt that Tereza is a professional masseur. I had a wonderful time with her and hope I can meet her again soon. Tereza is recommended to you who appreciate a first class Tantra massage :-)”

“I was at Tereza a few days ago. Was met with a nice and nice smile. This lady really can Tantra massage and you really get Tantra of the classical school. Tereza can its things are incredibly skilled. I booked 1 and half an hour and I think one needs it to make the most of the seasons. Tereza is also very nice to look at and you are treated with respect all the way. Highly recommended. I WILL AGAIN “

“Many call themselves "Real this" and "Real that", but Tereza runs with Real Tantra, there is no doubt! Have received Tantra massage from others before, but it does not matter what Tereza is doing! Never experienced such intense feelings and pleasures before. 

That she looks totally smashing out with the most beautiful eyes did nothing either :) That one would wish you could put her back and drive on is another matter. 
Tereza is 100% professional. 

If you want a decent Tantra massage, look no further! “