Is Tantra Massage an authentic tarntric practice ?

When it comes to Tantra the most popular practice and experience that comes to the mind of people in the west is without doubt tantra massage. Besides all misconceptions and wrong information about the spiritual, tantric path this is the one thing that almost everyone would mention as number one.

But could you really regard it as an authentic practice in a spiritual way? The answer is yes. If you practice it in a certain way and with the right attitude it truly is.

Tantra is the spiritual science and teaching of energy and thus also and most importantly working with the energy flow within ourselves. There are a huge number of techniques matching the different characters and preferences of practitioners to reach the goal of higher consciousness of which Hatha Yoga - working with the physical body – even became the synonym of yoga in the west itself.

What all tantric techniques have in common is the awakening of energy flows within our bodies in order to reach higher states of consciousness or even enlightenment. Reading ancient tantric texts you will find out that in former times people must have been much more connected to their body and energies than we are today. And they really were.

Our modern, fast lifestyle comes along with an enormous amount of impurities and blockages that accumulate in us over time and make us almost completely unconscious to our own energetic system. This is why many people wouldn´t hesitate to even neglect it at all or make fun of it. But fact is that it exists and it acts as our most potential tool for healing, wellbeing and especially our spiritual evolution.

The experience of our tantra massage courses show that the way we teach the techniques and supply our participants with the tantric backgrounds in many cases leads to a profound energetic realisation. Tantra massage being practiced like that can be understood as a kickstarter for our blocked and impure bodies to realize the existence of an energy flow within ourselves at all.

Having experienced this many of our students are ready and open to believe and follow the tantric path. Looking back tantra massage in many cases was the initial step to get their evolution started and rolling. It was the first small building block for something much higher.

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Tereza cigankova