Tantra massage for women - why to consider to try it / become tatntric woman

Tantra massage is amazing and comprehensive body work wich brings change, transformation in all levels in your life. It can be unexpectable but very welcome path wich offers many unique benefits. When we are talking about tantra massage, we are talking about authetnic tantra massage which is based on energetic work and knowledge how to work and move the energy.

As we know, everything around us is energy – table, chair, trees, birds but also human beings are energy. Tantra massage is energetic work for healing, balancing, transformating, purifying energy – human beings, which is done in specific way and has effects in all levels – emotional, physical, mental.


Tantra massage can change your life

When woman will become open for tantra massage, some magic will happen. Her awarness will change. She will look at her body differently, she will notice, she is beautiful exactly as she is, she will see herself in light of Goddess – Shakti, divine light. She will start to appriciate her beauty. We women are very critical and we judge ourselves very strictly according to the „modern beauty“ . Beauty has many faces, it is not just slim woman with plastic breasts. Look at your curves, how beautiful thery are, you are wonderful woman exactly as you are. Tantra massage can help open your eyes and see yourself as a Goddess and what more? You will start to treating yourself as such. Women will start to appreciate her femininity but also polarity between woman and man, between femininty and masculinity.



Tantra massage is unique tool for many changes, one of them i salso purification. During tantra massage you will feel how inbalances in the body are getting balanced back: skin, organs but also in cells, physical pain, women issues are reduced like PMS, painful period, menopause etc…




All of us are carring some emotinal baggage which does not allow as to enjoy who we are, what we have. It can be from childhood, bad relationship, not nice lovemaking, forced sex etc. The most of women´s emotinas are based in yoni. Yoni is name for vagina, it means sacread place. This everything can even lead to mental problems.


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Sexual freedom

Many women are sexualy blocked. There are even women who never experienced orgasm. Is not that sad? Did you know, that women can have 7 types of orgasms?

 Tantra massage is very magical and powerful way how to unblock those blockques and women can experinece her power, power of orgasms, nice ones, stronger ones.

As we mentioned, most of the emotions are located in yoni. That can be aslo reason why women cannot have orgasm, or she has pain during lovemaking. Tantra massage can open, ublock those blocks and women can experience something, what she did not have even thought it can exist. Pleasure within whole body is penetraiting in every cell, woman is full of energy and by those orgasms she can lift lovemaking in higher level also for her partner, and then together explore orgasmic bombs, connection between Goddes Shakti and God Shiva (man). That is unity.

Woman will start to understand her sexuality better, but what more, she will start to enjoy her sexuality. She will become stronger, more self-confident, more successful in her life.

There is much more to say, but I wanted to give you taste of what Tantra massage can give you ladies. Of course, there are benefits for man as well, but this article is dedicated to women.

Tereza cigankova