I asked tantric man about his path: story no 2

1. How did you explore tantra?

It was unintentional. Let me tell you my story about this.

I’m a software engineer living in London and working as a contractor. In the spring 2016 I wanted to have a break between contracts. I always wanted to go to a tropical island and spend some time in an all inclusive hotel. My friends have done something similar and had such a good time so I went to Punta Cana for 7 days. The environment was amazing, food was between ok and good and the program of activities were good enough. I swam with dolphins, went to a cocoa plantation and drove a buggy car all around from the jungle to the sandy beach. Although a nice enough holiday, I wasn’t fulfilled. I felt it was a bit superficial.

So I decided to find a getaway that was more interesting, one where I can get a bit more involved. Firstly IT courses came into my mind. There are some week long residential IT courses all around the world where you can pick up and deepen a new coding language or any technology really. So I started to dig into these and realised straight away that I can learn these myself in no time. Anyway I am trying to escape from work so that wouldn’t do. 

The idea to go on a holiday where I learned to massage started to appeal to me and I narrowed my requirements down to 2 points: 1. It should be in a sunny place (escape from London) 2. It should be no longer than 2 weeks.

After a long search, I only found a tantra school that offered a tantra massage therapist course over 10 days. I read everything about it, including watching the relevant YouTube videos. All the reviews were about how uplifting and spiritual the course was. Also the course description said they teach how to move energy in other’s body. I’m not sure if my excitement or my doubts were dominating at that point. I decided to opt in! I paid my money then I also realised that I have to be accepted by the teacher and also the group have to have same amount of women and men. Initially on a waiting list, I got in when someone had to cancel.


The massage course was truly amazing. They delivered all they promised. All my doubts slowly vanished. It was spiritual too. A few weeks after the course, I realised that it was more spiritual than sexual or functional. I was attracted by the clean and logical communication / teachings. I decided to go on as many other courses of that tantra school as I can manage.


2. What was fascinating for you?

Probably the clear logical teachings. The massage course taught me that I don’t have the limits that I think I have and also how much misleading information we can absorb in our lifetime. I wanted to clear all theses  misconceptions out of my mind. 


3. Why did you decide to become tantric man?

am far off from being a tantric man, but I’m definitely on the way and no one can stop me. But to answer the why part of the question: after a point studying the subject, there is no other way than to integrate as much component of tantra in your life as you can. Then eventually you become a tantric person. 


4. What does it mean to be tantric man?

To be a tantric person is living a tantric life. Integrating tantra into your life. First it is just a concept that you try to understand. But slowly you start applying and experiencing things. Every little step forward has a huge effect on everyday life. For example: tantra is the science of the life force the energy which is all around us. Learning and experiencing various forms of this energy is the way. Once the awareness is there then you slowly start interacting as well. Playing with it leads to being able to slowly control it. Controlling more and more form of energies is being tantric. When we are talking about being a tantric woman or a man, it is talking about the polarity aspect of all the energies. Being a tantric man is mastering the masculine aspect of energies. 


5. How was your beginning on the tantra path, which kind of challenges did you have to face? How did you overcome any challenges?

As I mentioned earlier, to begin with you will find yourself full of doubts and misconceptions. Clearing out these misconceptions can be hard. Another hard thing is to be disciplined about the practices. Actually the practice, the experience from the first hand, is which helps to overcome the doubts and misconceptions. Making the practice to be part of the everyday routine was the key for me. 


6. How would you compare your life before tantra and now?

feel it has completely changed. Nowadays I wake up early to meditate daily, whereas I used to go bed late after staying up working on my computer. I am even more calm. I have more confidence. I feel more balanced. I’ve learned techniques to control the different types of energies, which I can use consciously in every aspect of my life. For example there are techniques that can boost your awareness and mental capacity. I do this frequently before meetings and also before job interviews. Sometimes I surprise myself with what can I remember. 


7. What would you recommend to another men?

Firstly I believe it is very important to be interested in the subject and this naturally requires time to study it well. Then probably practice would be the next step. It triggers an amazement of your capabilities:). Then understanding deeply how important it is to manage, control and preserve one of our finite resource which is the life force we are born with. 


8. How can other men contact you in case of questions?

 I’m happy to answer questions about my experiences. I can answer any questions through you! evolution.tym@gmail.com

Tereza cigankova