I asked tantric man about his path, explore more :

1.How did you explore tantra?

- I originally attracted by Tantra, but was not able to connect to authentic form. Then I found authentic teaching, and I right know that his should be my way. I was not in the best life period to go to a training neither monetary nor in my private life. However I was able to attend despice of the fact of difficulties. This change my life completely. I will never regret, however this was a hard and stuff decision in my that life period.

- I was not able to learn it from books (ESO, Multi orgasmic Man, etc) All of them just discover a small part of the whole story.

2. What was fascinating for you?

- First of all, I did not know too much about tantra and had no yoga experience at all! But the authentic teaching was able to convert my viewpoint and I could accept that my knowledge is very limited about it. So the new information was amazing, especially that the man is able to reserve their energy and working inside on themselves. No need to throw away the “cooked food” without enjoying the nutrition effect of it to our physical and energy body.

3. Why did you decide to become tantric man?

- I wanted to change my sexual life form energy waster to energy saver. I wanted to become a multi orgasmic man. I knew that it is not an easy journey, however I had strong willpower to reach my goal.

4.What does it mean to be tantric man,

- The most important is to not loosing more seminal fluid at all! And with this lifestyle able to enjoy the life especially the sexual life. Applying as much sublimation as possible!

- The next stage is to use the sexual energy to developing your spiritual ability and use the upward stream to get closer to the divine state of being.

5.How was your beginning on tantra path, which kind of challenges you had to face? How did you overcome?

- The first challenge was to put the everyday practice part of your life! It takes a lot of time, really. Second challenge was to gain support from your environment, family. If you got this two you can start working on yourself.

However tantra is a very powerful path, you should be patience! The real results not come too fast. At the beginning you should be glad for the small results as well. And even the first real results – like the first dry orgasm – sometimes not comparable with the “traditional” ejaculation.

The results come gradually and will compensate later , but at the beginning this is the largest challenge to work on towards your goal week-by-week without handful experience. You should trust in this thousand year knowledge. And consult with those who already had this experience!

6.How would you compare your life before tantra and now?

It is not comparable! :-)

Probably I was lucky and experienced magical results very early. However it is not just about how long can a lovemaking be? It is about how the energy what is working on your bodies during the lovemaking effect your day!

A simple energy waster sex is not comparable with a consciously circulated energy effect. Like if your batteries are always charged-up! And not just about your energy, but your mood, happiness and spiritual experiences. If you start to see colorful lights during a chakra orgasm is not comparable with any other everyday experiences!

7. What would you recommend to another men?

I would recommend to clarify first internally if they had the internal power to make a big step and change their life completely? If they feel the internal voice what say that this is my way!?

If yes, start the practice with very simple and easy exercises, like conscious breeding and Kegel exercised. Try to “survive” one week without ejaculation! :-)

8. How people can contact you?

magorzo@hotmail.com We can agree on phone or skype consultancy if needed after contacting by mail.

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