About me and Tantra massage

I have been doing tantra massages for several years and I really love my work. I graduated at Bata´s University as an accountant. Then i worked as a secretary, assistent, barmaid, I sold stocks. None of those jobs satisfied me, so i kept searching what I should to do. Then I did sport massage course and after very short time tantra called me. Since then I am in love with tantra and i decided to share it with you. I am still exploring tantra world. I practice Hatha yoga, which is necessary part of tantra life style, I am trika meditation teacher also.

About my session:

I am interested in authentic path of Tantra, so I will give you the real experience of Tantra massage. Tantra massage is amazing experience but it is also very tricky :D The first thing what can disrupt the effect of massage is expectation. Please remember, no massage is the same, even with the same therapist.

Another things what can disrupt the effect of massage are: hunger, stress, tiredness, drugs…

We have to learn how to be receiver of Tantra massage. I will teach you to breath, to sublime and after while of practicing to reach full body orgasm.

Tantra massage can include lingham massage too. Lingham is name for penis. In tantra we understand lingham as a part of our body, there are lot of acupresure points for example like on our feet. There can be also some blockque, for example you know, that the stress is mostly sitting on your kneck, shoulders. With lingham is the same, therefore is recommended to do it. Masssage of lingham has healing effect, can improve your sexual life, prevence of prostate cancer etc.

Of course, if you do not want, I will not do massage. Please notice, this is Tantra massage, not erotic service.

What Tantra massage can give you:

- Improving your life overall ( to know yourself, feel better, …)
- Improving your sexual life ( longer lovemaking, impress your partner, to be perfect lover…)
- Prevent of diseases (prostate cancer, impotence, gray hair, premature ejaculation…)
- And many more
I do massage also for women and couples ( need to be order in advance)

I do not provide massage for active smokers, but I am open to give massage to someone who is in the procces of stop smoking. I do not provide any sexual, erotic services. Please do not ask, we will nor react on this messages.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Real Tantra

Tereza cigankova